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harry brown

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I. Am. George. Floyd,  You. Brother. Is. George. Floyd,Every. Black. Man,Black. Woman. And. Child. Is. George.  Floyd.  Racist.  White. Police-Each. Day. Hunting. Black. People. To. Murder. And. Destroy..  Their-Hatred,,,For. Us.  Is. Each. Day And. Every. Minute.  Only   For. Their -Own  Race. They  Are  Passionate..White  Police    Are  Racist,Evil,-Before- They  Put  On  Police  Uniforms..  Racist  Evil  Taught  To  Them-In. Their   Young  Years   After. Being   Born .  Black  People  Have  ,Always. Had. To. Stand. Together  To. Survive.  .  Again.  Black. People,Have. To. Come. Together With.  United.  Voices. For. Justice. To-Thrive....

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