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Black. Metamorphosis !!!!

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Rainy. New. Orleans. Sunrise ,Silent. Rain  ,Black. Mamba,,Venom -Feathers. From. A. African. Black. Crow. Into. The. Cauldron. -Last. I,of ,The,,Ingredients. For. Voodoo. Priestess. Larkspur  McQueen. -Potion.-Her. Her. Color. Changing. Curse. Is. In. Motion..  She  Sends-Her  African  Black  Crow   Into   Kingsley Alcorn House  To  Put  The-Curse  Upon  Him  While  He  Is  Sleeping .. When  He  Looks  ,Into,The,Mirror  A  Black  Man   He  Will  Be  Seeing..  Proud  Racist- Kingsley Alcorn ,Hates  People  ,Brown. ,Red. ,Yellow ,Black.  Yesterday.At. Protestors,, He. Vocally. Attacked.. .  When. Kinsley -Alcorn. Awakened. He. Begin. To. Scream.  And. Shout.  His. White-Skin. Changed. Has. To. Be. The. Devil. He. Has. No.  Doubt. He. Runs-Yelling Throught. The. Protestors, Down. The. Street.  He. Runs. -Down. An. Alley. Toward. Racist. White. Police .. The. Racist.  White -Police. Beat. Up. Kingsley  Alcorn ,The. N-Word. He. Hears.  For. His-Life He. Begins. To. Fear.  Racist. White. Police. With. A Knee. Upon. -His. Neck. ,He. Begins. To. Scream. And. Shriek. .  I. Cannot. Breath ,,He. Speaks.  For. Video. Camera. Racist. White. Police. Pose.. As-Kingsley  Alcorn Moans. And. Groans Grows..  Racist. White. Police-With. Demonic. Laughter. ,As. Kingsley  Alcorn Turns. Back. White -He,Lays. Silent. Upon.  The. Ground. In. The. Rain .  Racist. White -Police. In Horrified. Madness. ,Wondering. This. Murder. How. Will -They. Explain.....

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