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Black. Boys. In. The. Library. !!!

harry brown

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Black. Boys. In. The. Library. ,What. Books. Will. They. Seek ?  When -Reading. ,When. Reading. Will.  They. Listen. As. The. Books. Speak ??-What. Books. Will. Enlighten. Their. Minds ?  Perhaps. Stories. Told. -With. A.  Poetic. Rhyme.  When. Reading. They. Can. Learn. About. -Their. Slave Ancestors.  Kidnapped  Bought  And  Sold.  They  Can -Travel   With  Harriet Tubman  Within   The  Underground  Railroad -They  Can   Learn  About Kwanzaa  What  It  Means  .  Learn   About -Ancient  African  Kingdoms  With. Kings. And. Queens. . Biographies -Of  Black. Scientist. ,Astronauts. Inventors.  This. Country's Wars. With-Black. Pilots. And. Soldiers.  Read. About. Mystery. ,Fiction ,-Non-Fiction. ,Science. Fiction ..  Books. Of   Inspiration. And. Fantasy -Imagination.  . They. Can. Go. On   Journeys. And. Adventure. Trips. -Without. Leaving. The. Library. Or Their. Homes ,Just. By. Turning. The-Pages. With. Their. Finger. Tips. ..  Black. Boys. In. The. Library -Can. Embrace. Books. ,And. Love. To. Read. And. May. Inspire. Then -To. Strive And. Succeed...

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