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The Voice of a Black Independent Author

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I am one of the many talented black independent authors that have written groundbreaking novels. The sequel to my award-winning novel, Mirrors of Life Part 2: The Fight for Political Power, is a thriller in today's political climate. When the actions of fictional characters playout in real life, the imagination is made real, and fiction becomes non-fiction. 


There is no difference between the KKK and the Nazis. In 1927, Donald Trump's father was arrested at a Klan rally in Queens, NY, when Klan members clashed with police. In 1939, there was a Nazi rally billed as American patriots that filled Madison Square Garden. Rumor is that Donald Trump's grandfather, a German immigrant, attended that rally. Also, in 1939, President Franklin D Roosevelt refused to allow a ship of Jews fleeing Nazi Germany to enter the USA. Why? Are there influential members of the Nazi Party in American politics?  


Mirrors of Life Part 2: The Fight for Political Power reads like a conspiracy theory, but the events are occurring in real life. This tale is gripping, chilling, intense, and real. 



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