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harry brown

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Midnight. In. Th. Antebellum. Grove. ,Elderly. Racist. Preacher. J.  W.-Bryant. Wallace -Hears. Loud.  Moans. Near. Cypress. Trees.  -Horrified. He. Sees.  Black. Men. Hanging. From. Trees.  A. Black. -Vengeful. Spirit. Speaks. ,You. Organized. The. Hanging. Of. Many. -Innocent. Black. Men.  In. The. Rain,Sunshine. And. The. Moon's Glow -Into. This. Hanging. Tree. You. Will. Go.  Hang. Them. You. Spoke -With. The. Noose. And. Bible. In. Your. Hand.  Knowing. They. Were -Innocent. Each. Black. Man.. To. Watch. Their. Burning. Flesh. The-Demonic. Crowds. Did. Grow.  Into. This. Hanging. Tree. You. Will. Go..-Their. Blood. Dropped. In. The. Tree. Roots. And Upon. The. -Leaves .  As. You. Watched. Their. Bodies Sway. Back. And. Forth. By-The. Breeze.  You. On. Your. Knees. Talking. Redemption ,Mercy. For-You. ,You. Want. Me. To. Show..  Into. This  Hanging. Tree. You. Will. -Go.  In. The. Antebellum. Grove. Falls. The. Rain.. Elderly. Racist-Preacher. J.  W.  Bryant. Wallace. Body. And. Soul . A. Cypress. Tree-Contains.....

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