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The Sunset Rule

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Guest Beverly

Greetings, I am a new self published author seeking a book review of my novel The Sunset Rule. The release date was Sept. 14, 2020 and it is on am*zon. The ISBN is 9781098306083. You can see a photo of my book at bpeacekayhill.com  The Sunset Rule is based on a real incident that occurred in Forsyth County, Georgia in the year 1912. A white woman was found murdered in the woods, town officials were certain the crime had to be committed by a Negro. The Negro section of town was over-run by whites and while the crime was unproven a Negro man was lynched. Soon after, the Sun Down laws went into effect in Forsyth County. Negroes could work in the county during the day but had to be  gone by sunset each day.


The year is 1965 and my novel centers around the Taggarts a southern white family whose ties with the Klan are long and hard. The head of the family is Mitch (Big Daddy) Taggart who is leader of the Klan in the small town of Piney in Forsyth County. His daughter Vicki is the main character she is eleven years old and has grown up to the sounds of murder in the night. From her bedroom window she witnesses Klan members dragging bodies of dead Negroes into the family corn field for burial. Lonely and confused by her family circumstances Vicki happens upon a young Negro girl and her brother James on the road. As kids often do they play together. Twelve year old James is smart and he has dreams of being an astronaut. His hobby is studying the sky especially the constellations and he promises to show Vicki where to look for the Big Dipper. That evening James dares to stay later than he should to show Vicki the Big Dipper when they are caught by two Klan members on horseback.  Terrified, the two children are frozen in place. When one of the riders yells at Vicki, "Was this boy messing with you?" Out of fear and grasping for her own self preservation she replies, "Yes." That night the riders murder James and Vicki runs home burying the crime in the far recesses of her mind. As the years pass and Vicki becomes an adult she finds herself plagued by visions of the dead boy James. "What does he want?" She is terrified. Vicki's life is hard and she faces more violence. Now strapped with a bastard daughter Vicki is still haunted by the spirit of James and she turns to alcohol to drown her sorrow. When her daughter turns up missing a maternal instinct begins to reveal itself and she becomes desperate to find her daughter who she suspects has been taken by the spirit of James. With the help of an old Negro man and the town Sheriff the three embark on a journey into the spirit realm to save Vicki's little girl.


The Sunset Rule is gaining favorable ratings on am*zon and I would like for it to reach a wider audience than FB and Instagram can provide. I hope you will consider my novel for review.

Thank you

Beverly Peace-Kayhill

The Sunset Rule

WS: bpeacekayhill.com


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