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Autumn. Rain. And. The. Saxophone.

harry brown

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Autumn. Rainy. Day.  Motown. Junior. Walker Music. I. Play. .His--Saxophone. Playing. Is. As. Great. As. Yard. Bird. Parker -Bradford -Marsalis And. John. Coltrane...I. Listen. As. The. Autumn. Rain. Falls. -On. The. Window. Pane ..  Junior. Walker's. Music. Gets. Me. In. The -Relaxing. Mood .  I. Can. Feel. The. Rhythm. And. The. Groove.  Like  A-Poets. Poetry. Junior. Walker's. Saxophone. Can. Speak. Of. Love's -Joy,Happiness. And. Pain..  !listening. As. The. Autumn. Rain. Falls -Upon. The Window. Pane..  My. Beloved. She. I. Embrace. And. Hold.-To. Junior. Walker 's. Love. Songs. We. Dance. Slow.  Our. Love. -Making. Desire. There. Is. No. Restraint. .  While. Listening. To. The -Autumn. Rain. Fall. Upon. The. Window. Pane....

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