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The New Breed Reparations Sanctuary

Guest Garland Gregory

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Guest Garland Gregory




E-book ASIN: B01H4F36XG, re-pub. 10-01-2020, 246 pgs.

Paperback ISBN-13: 979-8686231993, re-pub. 09-28-20, 248 pgs.


What happens when you quit loving a country that does not love you back? What level of desperation underlies the ominous appeal of the phrase “black lives matter”?

Under what scenario might Black Reparations be paid? What if it required a Black Declaration of Independence?


In the fictional city of New Liberia, USA, reparations are being paid after the U.S. Congress passed an African American Reparations act that requires beneficiaries to resettle. But, all is not well in this self-contained Black sanctuary.


Marvin McKenzie, an astute 25 year-old high level government administrative aid, is drawn into the middle of a political scandal that threatens his city's territorial independence. Still haunted by the nature of his father's death, young Marvin must decide on a course of action while contending with rogue cops, crafty politicians, and increasingly revolutionary young people, as he struggles with his own evolving values and ethics.


Reminiscent of Orwellian dystopian environments, here we are alerted to the dangers of pursuing racial reconciliation by way of temporal pacification, over the potential durability of unifying solutions.


Garland Gregory weaves a suspenseful tale of a defiant and determined people in charge of their own destiny but still challenged by universal human flaws. In this fast unfolding tale of mystery and political intrigue, the historical complexities of the black experience and racial alienation are candidly revealed.


For culturally and historically curious readers, this may well be your introductory course to 'Black Lives Matter'. "[Students] found the subject your novel brings up to be of great interest... many chose to write their final essays on [it]. They cited the novel's straightforward narrative style as one source of their pleasure... which in turn led them to write some of the best essays that I received during the course. It was a pleasure to be able to teach your novel." -Prof. Beauty Bragg, Black Political Literature, University of Texas at Austin


Garland Gregory has degrees in psychology and public affairs, and a varied public service background, including law enforcement and as adjunct professor in political science. He is also a proud Alpha Phi Alpha brother and an original member of the renowned Kashmere High School Stage Band out of Houston, Texas. Gregory lives in Austin, Texas.

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