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Haunted. Slave. Cabin !!

harry brown

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The. Old. Folks. Have. Said..  That. Slave. Plantations. And. Slave-Cabins. Are. Haunted..  Among. The. Moss. Covered. Cypress. Trees-Do. Spirits,Shadows. Of. Slaves. Creep?. Among. The. -Spring-Flowers. That. Blossom. ,Within.  The. Slave. Cabins. That-Was. The. Place. Of. Torture. ,Pain,Terror. Horror. And. Despair. As. I-Look. At. The. Slave. Cabins,I. Wonder. If. Something. Is. Or. Is. Not -There.  Between. Those. Ancient. Walls,Beyond. The. Door.  ,Is. The-Slave. Cabins. Empty. Or. Are. There. Unseen. Spirits. And. Shadows-That. Wander. Upon. Creaking Floors.?. Do. The -Spirits -Of. Our. Ancestors. Rest. Peacefully. Or. Are. Some. Confined. -Forever. To. Weep. And. Wail. In. Despair?  As. I. Look. At. The. Slave-Cabins,,,I. Wonder. If. Something. Is. ,Or. Is. Not. There....

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