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Black. Panther. Of. The. Hansberry's !

harry brown

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As. Another. Racist. White. Man. Comes. To. The. Bayou.  The-Vengeful. Black. Panther. Is. Summoned. By. The. Hansberry's -Practicers  Of. Voodoo.. The. Racist. White. Man. Joyfully,But. Then.-He. Sees. He. Is. Being. Watched. By. African. Lappet-Faced - Vultures. With. Horrifying. Grins.  . The. Racist. White. Man. His-Racist. Hatred. Venomous. Like. A. Snakes. Poisonous .  Coming. -Toward. Him. Black. Panther. With. Eyes Ominous..  Earlier. The -Racist. White. Man. Voice. Evilness. It. Displayed.  Now. With. Fear-To. His. Jesus  He. Prays..  Panther. Attacks. The. Racist. White. Man-Among. The. Moss. Covered. Cypress. Trees..  Loudly. Is. The-Racist. White. Man. Screams. And. Shrieks...  In. Trees. Barred. Owls-Loudly. Who. Whooing ,Speech. Owls. Loudly. Screeching. Wildly -Fly.  Beneath. The. Bayou. Midnight. Sky.  The. Attack. Finally-Ceases.  The. Racist. White. Man. Is. Left. In. Many. Pieces..  Black-Pabther. ,To. Find. The. Hansberry's Begins. To. Roam..  The -African-Lappet-Faced  Vultures. Eats. The. Racist. White. Man's -Flesh. And. Bone.  With. A. Silent. Rain. And. Autumn. Chill..  Gone Is-Abother. Racist. Evil.....

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