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Oscar. Peterson. Christmas. Eve. !

harry brown

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Christmas. Eve. ,Home , From. Last. Minute.  Shopping. ,Outside. It. is Raining .  Oscar. Peterson. Christmas. Music. I.  Begin. Playing.. My- beloved. And. I. Are. Unwinding.  . Sipping. Mocha ,And. -Comfortably. Sighing..  Earlier. With. Other. Shoppers. We. Did. Race.-To. Find. A. Good. Parking. Place.  The. People. ,Old. And. -Young. ,Big. And. Small. Were. Shoving. ,And. Grabbing. Inside. The -Stores. And. Malls.... The. Noise. ,Chaos. And. Madness.- At. home- ,Oscar. Peterson. Christmas. Jazz. Music. Brings. Bliss .. -We. Stand. By. The. Christmas. Tree,As. The. Lights. Glow .  We -Joyfully. Kiss  Beneath. The. Mistletoe .  Hugging,. Upon. Each. -Other- We. Gaze.  -Family. And. Friends. Dear. To. Us. Will. Be. With -Us. On. Christmas. Day......

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