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I would like a book review

Guest Charles R  Harris

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Guest Charles R  Harris

100 Meters by [Chuck Harris]


Charles R Harris

Chuck Harris

100 Meters


ISBN: 9781705596494


Cisco a young black male who is blessed with the God given talent to run like the wind. This would eventually lead to him breaking 8th and 9th grade track-n-field records. This new found fame changes Cisco and he becomes rebellious and uncoachable and decides not to run anymore as a result. He also broke up with his girlfriend who was unwilling to have sex before marriage.
This attitude made him fertile soil for the corruption that he grew up around all his life, but was shielded from by his religious great grandmother and street cred of his grandmother, that slowly sucked him in before finally becoming 100 percent street.
George "Chicken" Swift, an Olympic track star in his day who succumb to the corruption of the streets, saw potential in Cisco as a youth and also noticed that Cisco was spiraling down the wrong path as he did. Can he break the chain and prevent the cycle from continuing before its too late?

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