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Corona. Virus. Christmas .

harry brown

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Christmas. Eve. ,Luther. Vandross   Christmas. Music. My. Girl -Friend. Is. Playing.  Looking. Out. The. Window. No. Caro!ers. Heard-Singing ... My. Beloved. And. I. Are. In. Good. Health. This. Time. of,The, Year. Always. Preparing.  With. Family,Friends. Time. Sharing..Gifts. Mailed. Some. Personally. Delivered. ,Wearing. Mask -Avoiding. Large. Crowds. At. Stores. I. Roamed.. This. Corona. virus I Christmas. I. Think. Of. Family,Friends. And. Home.. Christmas. Tree -And. Decorations. Don't. Seem. To. Shine. As. Bright.  My. Girl. -Friend. Says. Its. Beginning. To. Snow. Tonight..  Glad. My. Girl -Friend,Family. ,Friends. Are. In. Good. Health. ,From. The. Corona virus. We. Talk. About. Those. Dead. The. Homeless. We. makes contributions. For. Them. To. Have. Shelter. And. Be. Fed.  . music -Food,Laughter. ,Family. ,Friends. That. Hug. And Kiss. Us .  Is. -Among. The. Joys. Of. Gatherings. At. Christmas..  Looking. at  -Family. Albums. Memories. Not. Forgetting. Those. Long. Years -Gone-. This. Corona. Virus. Christmas. I. Think. Of. Family. ,friend stand. Home....

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