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A Promised Land: Deluxe Signed Edition by Barack Obama $350


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I regularly visit Black-owned books stores, not so much in the past year for obvious reasons, but in one store I noticed this book; an autographed copy of Obama's memoir, Promised Land.  This version retails for $350 but I doubt you'll find a copy selling for that much. I've seen the book priced at $1,000 or more.  Copies with the signature page removed are selling for  $150.


The crazy thing is that I was not aware of the book prior too seeing it in the store.  The bookseller of the store I saw it in (I'm deliberately not naming the store) told me the publisher only offered him two copies.  


I don't how many were produced or what book stores got copies and how many they got.  Any bookseller lucky enough to get a few copies was given a gift from the publisher. 



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