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Amber and the Enchanted Sword


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Amber and The Enchanted Sword is available for preorder! Official release date: February 1, 2021
Clifton Academy is everything Amber thought it would be... and worse. In addition to trying to fit in at a new school, she struggles to master her newfound talents. One day she is contacted by Grandma Alake and is told she must once again defend Marai from the sorcerer Bagule and his companion, Nieleni. The nefarious duo is in search of Sonni Ali’s sword, a talisman so powerful possessing could mean the end of the ancient and secret city. Can Amber and her friends find the sword before Bagule and save Marai once more?


'From Atlanta to ancient Africa, Davis takes you there. His worlds are richly-described and Amber is a girl you want to cheer for—both on and off the soccer field.'
-Rebecca McFarland Kyle, Author/Editor


Amber and the Enchanted Sword masterfully mixes teenage angst with magic and teamwork. Unlike some novels with a “chosen one” Milton’s work embraces the theme of Ujamaa using the collectivism of Amber and her friends to vanquish the evils that plague the worlds that they inhabit. This is a book I’d hand to any teen or adult in my life who’s looking for an exciting adventure.'
-Kenesha Williams, Publisher, Black Girl Magic Lit Magazine
Preorder you book today! Release date: February 1, 2021
Order Today!

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