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Novelist Eric Jerome Dickey Passes January 3, 2021


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Eric Jerome Dickey was one of the few constants in publishing.  He published his first novel about a year before I started AALBC and was less than a year older than me.  Eric's fortunes in the book world far exceeded mine, but he always remained a down to Earth Brother and had a smile for everyone he greeted.




The last time I saw him was in 2018 at the National Black Book Festival in Houston.  We did not get a chance to talk but he shouted me out during his presentation (pictured below). I figured I'd see him again later in the day or at the next event.




We frequently crossed paths as Eric participated in many events on "the circuit."  The Brother was always positive as I'm hearing from other people super supportive of other writers behind the scenes.  Eric made the book world better.







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