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Pimp Convention !

harry brown

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Preachers. Convention. Preachers. Wearing. Fancy. Suits. ,Alligator ,Shoes. ,Diamond. Rings.  In. Their. Bentleys. ,Mercedes. Benz ,Rolls -Royce. ,Their. Chauffeurs. Driving.  Looking. For. New. Members. Each Day. Like. Predators. Hunting. Prey..Claiming. God. Anointed ,These False. Prophets. .Enslaving. The. Souls. Of. Black. People. For ,Personal. Profit .They. Speak. Your. Life. Guide. Should. Be. The. 10-Commandments.. While. They. Have. Mistresses. On The. Side. And,Steal. Church. Money. To. Make. Car. Payments..They. Have. --Televised. Preaching. ,Preacher. Reality. T. V. Shows. . While. In. the,black. Community. Despair. And. Misery. Grows.  The. Church. -Congregation. Silent. ,Their. Evil. ,Money. Stealing. Has. No. Limit..-For. These. Preachers. Who. Are. Pimps On. The. Pulpit.......

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