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Dear AALBC, 

I am writing to see if you would be interested in reviewing my literary historical fiction novels House of Rougeaux (to be re-released March 4, 2021 by Black Rose Writing, ISBN 9781684336661) and it's sequel, Boy, Falling (pub date July 22, 2021 by Black Rose Writing, ISBN 9781684337194).

House of Rougeaux is a family saga spanning seven generations—from a colonial-era sugar plantation to Civil Rights-era Philadelphia—an intimate portrayal of survival and triumph, love and resilience, with touches of magical realism. The novel was named one of Bitch Media’s 25 Must Read Books of 2018, won a Silver Medal IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award for Historical Fiction, and earned excellent reviews including a Starred Review in Publisher's Weekly for the audiobook.

Boy, Falling is the stand-alone companion book that follows the Rougeaux family line (begun in House of Rougeaux) through the eyes of three family members. Set primarily in the interwar period, in New York City and Paris, Boy, Falling is historical fiction with a focus on Black History, that also includes a strong LGBTQ storyline and contains elements of magical realism. 


Please note: I have images of the book covers, but wasn't able to figure out how to include them here--very sorry about that! They do appear on my website however noted below.)

Thank you very much for your consideration, I look forward to hearing from you!

Jenny Jaeckel

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