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Looking for feedback on the book blurb

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Hi! I am writing the book blurb about my new book “Six Magic Cans Of Happiness 2: Danielle the Girl From NY”. False humility combined with fear of criticism is trying to pose a road block to my completing it.


Here’s my first draft: 

Have you ever said to yourself, “I wish I knew that about money when was a kid?” Come join us as Danielle is learning these life changing principles. This the third book in the groundbreaking series Danielle the Girl from NY. In this episode we pick up where Danielle still waiting for her special package to arrive. We will find out what it is and why it’s so special. We will also learn the secret of the Six Magic Cans. Enjoy this fun adventure of discovery and growing up with Danielle.


I would love to get your feedback.

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