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It’s about to go down. Help get this money to the Children

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It’s about to begin in just a few more days. July 31, 2021 marks the official start of accepting application for the Annual Global Coloring Contest sponsored by Danielle the Girl From New York. Contestants will be coloring pages from 6 Magic Cans of Happiness. The second book in the series and first coloring book.


Already highly acclaimed, this contest is an extension of the books efforts to help people mitigate the impact of the wealth gap, by encouraging people to learn how practices wealth creating principles. 

We are looking for people to share this information with School Districts and community services. Most importantly we welcome participation.66085CEB-7067-4CDE-AD01-E5ECDFD8413D.thumb.jpeg.a1c0e94050f585a9c507b3a7245d5867.jpeg

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