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New Black / POC Historical Marketing and Community.

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New Black / POC Historical Marketing and Community. Please look around and see if they’d be useful to you and your story properties.
What's this site all about? Briefly?
In writing an African British historical novel (Becca DuMaurier in the British Restoration [1660] and Glorious Revolution [1688] periods) for a few years, it has included much research, and yet...
...I found in all that time not one dedicated home site fully committed to collecting and marketing Black, African, or People of Color Historical Romance, Historical Erotica, and few for Black, African and People of Color Historical Fiction, Historical Literature, Historical Lit, as if we do not exist or love.
My dear Lady Becca was not pleased and saddened.
Instead of us searching blindly and finding our search hard for romantic characters and authors of color, besides my own author / publisher sites for my own characters, I've made a simple, open home, in these genres / subgenres.
Please, come join me.
_Neale Sourna / PIE: Perception Is Everything / PIE-Percept.com
Facebook Group: Black Historical Fiction / Literature / Romance / Erotica and More
Edited by Neale Sourna
updated linking / paragraphing for readability
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