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  1. It's 1688 AD, in the midst of the British "Glorious Revolution" and a Dutch invasion to take the throne, as wealthy widow Rebecca DuMaurier, an African British royal court favorite of King Charles II, runs from a forced marriage with a famous general, a white-haired English earl, and into a infamous pirate troubling and walking the shores of her Cornwall home. Cornwall's rocky, treacherous coast is but a stepping stone for lively Becca, her tenacious soldier fiancé, and her intriguing, brown-skinned, Irish Catholic pirate of many faces. Historical Romantic Adventure Fiction Becca is in prepublication edits; but grab a teaser taste of her story. "Becca DuMaurier" novel draft excerpts (not for sale / download no charge): http://becca.neale-sourna.com/becca-work-in-progress-excerpts-1.epub http://becca.neale-sourna.com/becca-work-in-progress-excerpts-1-kindle-links.mobi ------- READ sensual fiction Excerpts: www.Neale-Sourna.com and www.PIE-Percept.com ------- ORDER ebooks ONLINE at https://payhip.com/NealeSourna or check availability for ebooks and print books online or brick and mortar order at http://www.neale-sourna.com/catalog.html
  2. Checking to find possible beta readers for draft of book one of series. http://becca.neale-sourna.com/
  3. Most people are some shade of brown and not necessarily black aka African descent or Indian descent.
  4. "Doing for the mind, what the body shouldn't."(SM) _PIE: Perception Is Everything
  5. These sorts of results keep a brown person a bit paranoid. Hm, maybe I should see if WebCrawler still crawling and getting somewhere better.
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