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Maximum Journey by Ish Eli

Guest Jasmine Woods

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Guest Jasmine Woods

This book is not only controversial, provocative, and intelligent, it is also thought-provoking and relatable. The book is set in the city of Chicago, and is meant to spark important conversations, especially among the African American Community. Here is the synopsis for the book: 


     When Journey Banks has a near death experience, she gets a revelation from an unlikely stranger that will change the course of her life forever. With her new compass for living, she eventually discovers that a choice she made caused a butterfly effect that crashed into the lives of everyone she knows. As each person is touched by the waves of Journey's decision, now they are all forced to make critical adjustments to survive their own life path. Some are for the better, but unfortunately some are for the worst. 

     With her best friend Samantha, her boyfriend Max, and his cousin Monster along for the ride, this highly controversial novel takes aim at the 3 R's (Relationships, Religion, Racism).

     ISH ELI creates an entirely new genre that guarantees the most provocative and dangerous novel of 2021, with an unapologetic agenda. So travel with these characters as they search to find out who they truly are. But beware! Discovering knowledge of self can be the ultimate Maximum Journey!!! 


It is currently available on am*zon in both paperback and eBook format. I think it will also be available soon through Barnes & Noble. Check it out now because his second book is coming out in a few months! 



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