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Texas School District Pulls Books by Children's Author Jerry Craft Over Critical Race Theory Claims


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Jerry Craft has been publishing humorous comics and graphics novels, longer than I have been running AALBC -- almost 30 years.  In the last few years Jerry has "Blown Up" winning major awards and selling a bazillion books.  It has been great to witness his hard work and diligence pay off.


Craft's story is truly the "American Dream." This aspect of his story has been completely obscured.  The idea that his books would be banned over the controversy surrounding critical race theory is absurd.  None of the news articles I've read addressed this issue in a substantive, or nuanced manner; they are just playing up the controversy.   


It is sad. Rather than the public being informed, they are riled up over a controversy that the media (especially social media) have thrown gasoline on and ignited -- relentlessly driving a wedge between the Americans.


I was going to share links to articles but decided against it since they don't serve Jerry or the readers he has served for three decades.


The only saving grace is that his controversy will help raise Jerry's profile and possible drive more from those curious to learn why Jerry's  books are so controversial.


Jerry Craft Books




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