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Another Prisoner of Student Loans (Part 5)

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My name is Porscha LaDonna Garner (maiden name Johnson). I am a tutor teacher professional of all grades (K-12) normal and special education. My college education was financed with student loans that I was encouraged (by all) to use to a total of $60,000. In my ignorance I did not factor in fees or interest or bad advice and my debt now exceeds $82,000. For the next 15 weeks (see count down) I am going to tell my story here in 15 parts (with weekly video chapter updates) while I ask for donations to liquidate my debt. With your help by the end of this 15 weeks, I will be debt free. It occurs to me that student debt is benefiting banks, schools, etc... every one except the students. What we the students are left with is insecurity, dead end jobs, and life-long servitude. How bogus is that?

Thank you for your time.

See me in my youtube video here: https://youtu.be/1r-TKJtIQrk



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A few questions.......

1. Is your husband helping you with paying off your student loan debt?
Or is HE in a lot of debt himself?

2. Do you have a degree?
If so, what is it in?

3. Are you participating in any movements to erase students loan debt and reduce (or eliminate) the cost of higher education all together?

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