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Boston Globe journalist turns to fiction

Hiawatha Bray

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I'm a longtime reporter at the Globe, and author of "You Are Here," a book on the modern history of navigation.  But now I've written my first novel.  It's called "Power In The Blood," and it's a different kind of thriller.


It tells of journalist Weldon Drake. Sardonic, cold and uncaring, Drake is an unlikely man of faith. So when he was appointed a deacon in Boston’s most prominent African-American church, Drake figured it was a mistake.  Maybe he was right.


Because serving God could get him killed.


After a brilliant and beautiful computer scientist is nearly murdered in the church, Drake wants to know why.  Soon, he's fallen afoul of a renowned MIT professor as heartless as Drake himself, but far more ruthless. He uncovers an international band of hackers plotting the worst financial crime in history, and confronts a brutal team of enforcers, experts in the dark arts of torture and murder.

And Kenton discovers the most remarkable conspiracy of all--a secret society of powerful black men, hidden in the heart of the church, who have quietly tampered with history for nearly 150 years.  


Different?  That's the idea.  You've never read anything like "Power In The Blood."  It's due to be published on Dec. 1, and you can pre-order on am*zon.  But if any among you are interested in writing a review, I'd be happy to send along an e-copy at no charge.  Please let me know.  And thanks.




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