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"The Little-Known Heroes: Claudette Colvin" - Bringing an Unknown Black Hero to Children

Guest Kaushay Ford

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Guest Kaushay Ford

My name is Kaushay Ford and I am the co-author of "The Little-Known Heroes: Claudette Colvin" (ISBN: 978-1-7354873-0-4). I am interested in a book review of our children's book!


"The Little-Known Heroes: Claudette Colvin" is the first book in The Little-Known Heroes Series by authors Kaushay & Spencer Ford. Published on June 14, 2021, this book is recommended for children ages 5 - 8 years old and is intended for parents and children to read together.


The book tells the story of teenage civil rights activist Claudette Colvin. As a young girl, Claudette was involved with the NAACP and was inspired to stand up for her rights. One day, while riding the bus, she refused to give her seat up to white passengers. In doing so, Claudette inspired well-known Civil Rights heroes such as Rosa Parks and Claudette Colvin. This book tells her story in a way that is easy-to-understand and engaging for children.


The illustrated series has been described by early readers as " good for helping kids to gain compassion, empathy, and to see the world from a perspective broader than their own."



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