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Mask or not


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It's respect for them. I wear the mask knowing covid is a joke. I wear it because it gives some a misguided type of hope. I don't wear it because it makes me feel any kind of safe. I wear it because so many fear man that God had lost his space, place, time in that life so when others walk in fear I put the mask on because they think this will save a life. My war is not with you but we voted this mess in. It's about dividing and conjuring as so many relationships will end. It's misinformation fed to us everyday and we get lost in the words because we all refuse to pray. We are not asking the right questions and they take advantage of that as well, they gave us cell phones what technology that is rounding us up like cattle that is being driven straight to hell. Every one afraid to address the elephant 🐘 in the room, Hitler isn't or will never be the consolation to what we see as doom. So mask or not at the end of the day shot or no shot a mask won't harm in any way. It won't help either I just want you to feel safe.

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