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Book Review Request: Made specifically for black children!


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How I Can Control My Feelings in 30 Days activity workbook is designed to teach self-control, family relationships, how to communicate effectively, behavior management and so much more. For 30 days, children have tasks to complete, combined with over 50 activities and 5 games to keep it fun and engaging.  All vignettes and images were designed for black children to relate and connect to without any bias.  Parents will learn to assist their children in completing the tasks as well as learn new techniques to implement in the home with our parent guide (curriculum) plus an added family goals section.


Let me know what you all think. This is one of my best sellers and it is a resource tool that is definitely needed in the times we are living.  IMG_9507.thumb.jpg.3bef43161f637ee0b4e82215013a5494.jpg


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