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Why Are Black Homes Always Valued or Capped in the 300k-350k Range?

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3 hours ago, Dr Francis Welsin said:


When I look up homes in the Black community, most of the homes cap at 300 to 350k.




@Dr Francis Welsin

What area are you referring to?


There are appraisal gaps between white-owned homes  
and Black ones, but if there is a cap at $350K, you must

be referring to a particular area.


Some Black-owned homes,  in Atlanta for example, sell

for upwards of a million dollars, I'm not sure whether

being Black-owned is reflected in their appraised price

as opposed to white homes.


As to the reason for this price discrepancy, the obvious 

answer is that whitey doesn't want to live in a house 

that was lived in by Blacks, therefore he isn't going to 

pay as much.


BTW, I am very interested in this topic because I am 
planning to sell one of my homes in the near future.









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