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America the Beautiful?

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Busy week-end, huh?

Well, Wills and what's-her-name finally got married in a wedding that all of the network talking heads were gushing over. Me, I didn't think it was all that. Handsome Prince Charming? No. A dork who's losing his hair. A wedding dress that looked "off-the-rack" being worn by an anorexic groupie who got lucky. God Save the Queen, whose wedding outfit made her look like an ad for Agent Orange. Prince Charles has grown so old waiting for his Mum to step down that he looks more like her brother than her son. :unsure:

First TuPac. Then Biggie. Now Osama. Somebody snitched on him and Obama's gang did a drive-by. Look out, Gadhafy. You next, bro. :huh:

America has shifted into it's "us" against "them" mode, viewing Bin Laden as being the quarterback of "their" team, who was taken out by the front line of "our" team as the streets become a stadium full of crazed fans chanting "USA"! :o Meanwhile al-Qaida has re-grouped, and is putting on its game face, beckoning for America to "bring it on". :angry:

"The Donald" challenged Obama to a game of one-ups-man-ship and ended up getting his ace, - as in ass, - trumped at a press dinner. Then his Celebrity Apprentice show was interrupted by Obama's announcement just as Ne-Ne was coming out of her ghetto bag in a smack down with Star Jones. :P

The NBA enters its second round playoffs minus a couple of favored teams. Bulls' skipper, Tom Thibodeau, wins coach of the year honors. Derrick Rose is on deck for MVP award. And Kobe Bryant is still hoggin the ball. :rolleyes:

Spring has sprung,

The grass is riz

I wonder where

Da flowers iz?


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