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Wednesday, February 17, 2010 Phone: 646.219.8698

E-mail: hwcontact@yahoo.com

The New Ghettoheat and Harlem World Partnership begins

Harlem, NY - In it's sixth year Harlem World Magazine, Inc. is bringing with it more than just a great publication. Over the past year, HW has been moving with the technological age and morphing into a dynamic media company, one that's approaching its sixth year anniversary. Customers can now access HW content through four platforms - print, online, store and events. HW also sends the latest in Harlem content straight to the subscribers' phones via text messaging.

Daniel Tisdale, the founder and CEO of HW says, "We are really looking forward to partnering together with Ghettoheat , along with their owner and founder Hickson." HW is ensuring that Harlem content is not only accessible through the traditional print version but online via the latest social networking sites Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace.

Ghettoheat will produce informative and in-depth content on our blogs, in-print and events with HW offering the latest in the publishing industry, news, LGBT, local and national news on a monthly basis. The monthly updates, either via blog, email blasts, radio or e-newsletter keeps Harlemites in the know. Overtime, we plan for Ghettoheat to partner with annual events. HW Lounge will resume later this year.

HW continues to function with a customer centered mentality, which is why it values serving the partnership. Allegiance to one's community is nothing new to the Tisdale family. Harlem World and Ghettoheat is following in the foot-steps of many Harlem businesses partnering to create online, print and event media that will both inform and assist the Harlem community.

"The foundation has been set so that we're in Harlem for decades to come," says Tisdale.

About Ghettoheat®:

An independent multimedia company based in the heart of Harlem. Specializing in gripping urban genre, incorporating hip-hop, pop and street-culture in its works, in addition to producing heartfelt contemporary novels, GHETTOHEAT's® mission is to educate, empower and enliven everyone through entertainment. For more information visit www.ghettoheat.com/home.html

About Harlem World: Harlem World Inc., a Harlem based media company that covers events, news, politics, fashion and gossip related to the Harlem community. HW is organized around three business segments: online, events and print.Please visit www.harlemworldgo.ning.com for more information regarding Harlem World.


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