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Black Tribe of the USA Fictional Book list

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I admit, inspired by the replies offline or online from Black people of multiple gender/age/language/religion/ or other non phenotypical racial category in the usa. I realized a nice little game.

I will list some tribes in the Black Village in the USA and anyone interested in playing need to take the list and place the fictional book they have read that reflects the goals or ideas of their philosophy. You can leave a tribe space blank, if you can't think of a book of fiction that fits.

  • Militants < Kill whitey>: 

  • Rematriots < Back to Africa or garveyites>: 

  • Integrationists <integrate peacefully into white communities, even if alone>:

  • Minority Religious fervents <nation of islam, black israelites, similar>:

  • Segregationists <live in the usa,where no whiteys allowed, even if just one family in one home >:

  • PRotestants<baptists, episcopalian, et cetera of the black church>:

  • Money^3 <yes, the Black fiscal rich>:

  • Soldiers of the USA <those who fought for the Statian flag>:

  • Children of MAthias De Sousa <from Alexander Twilight or edward g walker to barrack obama or kamala harris>:

  • HBCU's <the scholastic communities aside the black towns of the south>:



And have fun!

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