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Ball of Confusion

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With everything that’s going on today, it’s hard not to wonder about the future of Planet Earth, in general, and the USA, in particular. Throughout the world, governments are toppling and those populations that are not protesting are the ones that are starving to death. Whether tropical or urban, jungles are crawling with violence and crime. :angry:

The debacle occurring in Washington between 2 teams of grown men masquerading as responsible law makers is a disgrace. With all of them grandstanding, hoping their votes will ensure their re-elections, a mockery is being made of government while politics continues to be an unfunny joke. <_<

Making matters worse in America is the teetering economy and the ravaging weather that are having their own competition to see which one can be the most chaotic. Never has there been such an eruption of Mother Nature’s wrath. Heat waves and torrential rains, tornadoes and dust storms, droughts and flooding are all in a disastrous rotation. Employment is slumping, schools are suffering, housing is unstable. All of the pillars of our society like Social Security, the Postal Service, NASA, newspapapers and book stores are destined for oblivion. The infra-structures of our cities are crumbling, the carriers of our airlines obsolete and worn out, not to mention the inefficiency of the controllers who guide them. :unsure:

Then there’s the technical thrall people have fallen under, leaving them to finger their way through the gadgets and games that are the auxillaries to what they see and hear and say, turning them into electronic junkies. :blink:

Turmoil rules, and what does it all mean??? Is there some kind of mystical connection between the paradigm of this July being the first one in 62 years where there have been 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays, and 5 Sundays? What, if any, is the significance of how, without any exception, this year, on your birthday if you add the last 2 digits of your year of birth to your age, the answer for everybody will be 111. Is there any credibility to the religious fretting provoked by the assault on traditional marriage brought on by same sex union? Will 2012 really be the onset of Doomsday? :wacko:

Only time will tell whether all of these dire omens are a prelude to "armageddon". Even so, it’s not like there’s anything that can be done to stave off the inevitable. Except, maybe, to live in the moment and find some way to bring a modicum of joy to your own private world. Oh, well. Let’s hear it for booze and drugs and sex! :rolleyes: And John Coltrane... http://youtu.be/xw4Hy6MtBLE

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