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American Dream, A lie or a scheme

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You ever wanted a thing so bad that the thought of losing it before you even have it makes you mad. Do you ever dream beyond the moment of conception with the intention of having better things. I ask God so many questions because I just want to know what it all means. Looking over life wondering how women can take on so many roles. We have pushed up those around us while not losing sight of our own goals. I wasn't prepared for this life with so many fires to put out. Where we speak life into existence but we are never taught how. Where we as individuals should be allowed to determine our own worth yet we don't understand this that our value can't be decided on earth

We are not told in our formative years that fears is no more than a mindset. That negative is cultivated as a jacket we wear out of fear. Fear of not fitting in. Not looking like her. Not moving like them, not conforming to the world. Peculiar is a world to describe the within. The part of us that we push down because to be different is difficult and a way not to win. Its not losing either. it's just to carbon copy your soul because we are taught as small children that the way of society is we all walk the same road. So let's be honest Where does that road actually lead. Do you know where you are going, so grateful they taught you to read. Not realizing the day you learned your ABC's, it was that very moment you started to be deceived. It was there that the lies began to be told. That you will go to school, work at 18, get used up by thier system to die when your old. Opening eyes to the American dream. It's not roads paved with gold it's a lie and a scheme. It's how they get us to buy into the lie with shiny little bobbles and promises of dreams. They Indocurate us and lie saying its for our own good because we as various cultures aren't misunderstood. They know what's best for all others as they feel they should. Wake up so we raise this generation to an alternative way where our children learn there is value in what we need to say. We are asking you not to lie as bad as the truth maybe. Because the truth of the matter is knowledge is what set the captive mind free.  

Free my people. 

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