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Braver Deeds -- The story of an African-American cavalryman

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Braver Deeds is the story of three people in 1890 and 1898.

Matt Davys is a black cavalry trooper, a “Buffalo Soldier,” who has made a life for himself in the Army. Comes-Running is a young Lakota Sioux girl whose family is caught up in the “Ghost Dance Uprising.” Carlos Estrada-Palma was born in New York City but finds his future inexorably tied to his father’s homeland, Cuba.

Braver Deeds was the First Place Winner in the Historical/Fiction category in the SouthWest Writers Contest.

For more information, including the free first chapter, visit BraverDeeds.com. Both print and Kindle versions are available on Amazon.

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In order to expand the distribution of the print version of Braver Deeds to bookstores, libraries and academic institutions, it will soon be necessary to increase the list price from $10.54 to $15.80.

If you want a copy of this 450 page epic at the current low price, please order now.


The very low price of $0.99 for the Kindle version is not being changed at this time.

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What to read Braver Deeds for free?

If you own a Kindle and have an Amazon Prime account, the Kindle version is currently available for free as part of Amazon's Kindle Owners' Lending Library. Just go to Braver DeedsKindle edition to check whether you qualify.

Don't own a Kindle or have a Prime account? You can still read the entire book for just $0.99 on any smart phone, tablet or computer by installing a free Kindle application from Amazon, available at: Free Reading Apps.

Alternatively, you can read the Kindle version on your computer by online using the Kindle Cloud Reader.

In these cases, of course, you do have to pay the $0.99 at Braver DeedsKindle edition.

I hope this is helpful.

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JVR, I must say not only does your book look interesting, you've also done a terrific job of using this forum to get the word out about your book in both a professional, informative a manner. I wish more authors would do the same thing -- best of all it did not cost you a penny to get noticed by over 1,000 unique people.

You video was well done too. If you would like to spend a little money I would suggest you take advantage of this service: http://videobookpromo.com/ I'd be willing to give you a substantial discount across all platforms if you are interested just drop me a line troy@aalbc.com

I also noticed that you do not use an Amazon affiliate code or a short link. Here is a better link for you: http://bit.ly/braverdeeds

I find these shorter links useful for use on places like Twitter. Plus these link uses an AALBC.com affiliate code which means sales count toward our Bestsellers list which is one of the most popular pages.

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Over 400,000 German prisoners of war were brought to American during World War II.

What does this have to do with Braver Deeds and buffalo soldiers? Nothing really, other than it’s the background for Prisoner Moon, my second novel.

Prisoner Moon is available now in Paperback as well as Kindle and Nook eBooks.

If you love historical fiction, check out Prisoner Moon at http://PrisonerMoon.com/ or on Facebook at http://Facebook.com/PrisonerMoonNovel

John Van Roekel, author of Braver Deeds

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