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Was King Tut Black? Did He Look African?

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Was King Tut Black? Did He Look African?



This video showed up on my channel and whenever these topics about ancient Egypt are featured, as they usually are consistently today, I always tune in. 

I strongly believe that this aspect of ancient history about Africa and Ancient Egypt, would be a crucial aspect in understanding our human plight today. 


I remember about twenty years ago, when the subject of what King Tut really looked like came up and was featured in the National Geographic, how many Black people became outraged that the scientist at this time, revealed their findings in that King Tut was anything but Black. Oh! Black people raged all across the globe and saw this news break as a complete insult. I remember when I was very young how so many Black Power men back in the 1960's would sport a traditional necklace of what they believed to be a beautiful Black African queen 'Nefertiti' and this particular necklace portrayed her as being 'Negroid'. Like King Tut, Nefertiti was a part of this ancient Egyptian government. It seems this topic continues to intrigue people all over the world and whenever King Tut and the dynasty that he was a part of are featured in today's news, it strikes a lot of interest. 


Now, because of my own research, yes! I will always tune in when I see this dynasty, the 18th Dynasty, featured in the news because, I believe this aspect of ancient African history is vital to understand. Unfortunately, I believe that if Black people continue to believe King Tut was a typical Negro-typed man, they will continue to believe in a lie. Was he Black, well that answer depends on relativity? Relative to his ancestry, he would definitely carry past genes that link him to an African origin, but did he look like he was a Negro? 


Considering all of the deformities and birth defects that he physically portrayed as well as being light skinned, I don't think the issue of King Tut being 'a Negro-typed' man is relevant. By the time he was born, his ancestry was very debauched for a very important reason and also due to a major movement that had been going on in that part of North Africa for a long time. Being born as an ALABASTER EGYPTIAN became an obsession at that time. So even though today's news reports keep featuring this ancient dynasty in Egypt and in which sparks a lot of subsequent articles of whether or not, these Egyptians were either White or Black and continuing confusion, still the whole truth is not published. And so, because the whole truth continues to be 'hidden', many Black people continue to get angry at the portrayal of King Tut and also the famous Nefertiti for not being portrayed as Black. This then, is the purpose and motivation, that Black people do not comprehend. Why would today's scientist not show the truth to prove that White Supremacy did infiltrate Egypt so that Black people can deal with that truth? Why do they continually put out deception; part truths and suppress the scientific facts that would help Black people to see the truth? Anyway, I do like this recent film about what King Tut looked like in real like because it does report some facts. Nevertheless, the whole truth, which is amazing, still continues to be completely omitted. However, I decided to post this brief video because I hope to share some of my research in lieu of this recent publication about King Tut. 









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