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Promptpot will you give it a go?

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Day 9
Steampunk of Promptpot 01 - The plans for a motorized tricycle, powered by spirits physical energy.


Day 10
Pills of Promptpot 01 - Traditional pills created with ingredients of death.


Day 11
Teddy Friend of Promptpot 01 - A Gothic Lolita with her favorite Teddy. What are your thoughts to her relationship to him?


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Marionette of Promptpot 01 - I thought of a marionette in reverse. From the ground to above.


Day 15

Your Fav Ship  of Promptpot 01 - Not my favorite, but a ship I always felt I wish I could had a hand in designing... the land boat from the film , age of dragons.. 


Day 16

Rot of Promptpot 01 - Well, rot is decomposition. Where carbon based lifeforms, like humans, deteriorate. Carbon based lifeforms give off carbon dioxide. Can you tell what is going on?


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