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Those Egyptian Eyes: Genetics & the Bible Part II Introduction~ Who Came First? POINT: 1-8, 9-15.


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Those Egyptian Eyes: Genetics & the Bible

Part II Introduction~ Who Came First?

POINT: 1-8, 9-15.






[POINT: 1] Today, the word ‘African’ can express a variety of distinct meanings so the term will usually be coupled with another expression to distinguish among certain racial groups. So, the term ‘Indigenous African’ will often be used to define early African people that have similarities as opposed to many other people that later came to be defined also as African. Likewise, the term ‘African American’ today, can reflect many different kinds of people so, other terms are affixed to distinguish the earliest kinds of people that this term originally reflected. As a census employee phone operator, and based on our federal racial categories today, what racial category would be initially visualized if a person were to identify over the phone as a naturalized citizen but also South African (American), North African (American), Moroccan (American), Egyptian (American) or an African American? Interestingly, the international census defines North African as ‘White’, therefore a Moroccan and an Egyptian can choose to select White, Black, or African American, or other. Furthermore, most Egyptians today speak the national language of Arabic however, many neither identify as being ethnic Arabs nor the Original Egyptians. Instead, a new racially constructive and national term, Pharaonic, defines many Egyptians today. So, what happened to the earliest Egyptians that set up the first civilizations of mankind? Based upon our human classification today, how would they be defined? Would the earliest Egyptians be either White, Black, or African-typed? Today, we are made to view our ancient human origins based on skin color as a primary factor and ancient Egyptians are depicted as such, so who came first, Black humans or White? Man or woman?




Pharaoh, King Kaefer (Chephren), 4th Dynasty

Black Granite (diorite) statue


By Jon Bodsworth - http://www.egyptarchive.co.uk/html/cairo_museum_10.html, Copyrighted free use, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=3786457

 Khafre Enthroned, a funerary statue of Khafre in diorite. Egyptian Museum in Cairo


*****My Note: Black Granite [i.e., Diorite Volcanic Intrusive Rock]

***** A Black Pharaoh

***** Statue of Khafre; 4th Dynasty


[POINT: 2] Could this be like the proverbial chicken or the egg riddle? What are the differences between modern humans versus earlier hominids? Some inquiry minds want to know, ‘Who came first, God or Satan? And how did all humans come to be? But, think on this, if no one can explain how the sun came to be or invent a sun, and ancient scriptures say that it was created by the Creator, then until that can be answered, therefore, it would be like a game of Russian roulette or suicide to challenge those questions without respect. So, by all means, research but self-protect. Today, we have been conditioned to recognize that the White Egyptians were more supreme and dominated over ancient Africa, however, that would depend on scientific factors, historical records, and an ancient human classification record. The modern reconstruction of human classification into racial categories based on White or fair skinned Europeans being the most supreme fosters a global system that has been set up to suppress darker skinned people on the basis of Colorism. So, in order to better understand our environment today, it should be vital to go back to the earliest human origins and the earliest civilizations of record to determine the origins of Colorism and how this kind of system was able to set up and operate for thousands of years. Furthermore, based upon the earliest records, the first humans to inhabit this planet would definitely not be modern humans, however, the earliest civilizations that did form occurred after the presence of modern humans came into existence. So, to answer one aspect of ‘who came first in terms of the humans to form the first civilizations on this earth’, therefore, it would be relative to the presence of modern mankind so far as the earliest recorded history reveals. So then, why did the earlier cultures of hominids not form a civilization?


[POINT: 3] In order to get more of the whole truth about the past, however, it would also be beneficial to understand government and to explore tactics used today that has led to the omission of the whole truth. One aspect that furthers the process of ignorance and oppression and that holds Colorism in place would be the setup of a system of miseducation that continues to be fostered. Another tactic would be to set up a reward system for bad behavior whereby Black people are rewarded to continue to foster Black oppression even to their own detriment and White people are also rewarded for racist behavior so as to implement fear and maintain oppression and thereby continue to support and foster White Supremacy even to their own detriment. If anyone attempts to step out of this bubble, this arranged system of control and suppression, then they will be persecuted. So, people have become governed under this set up and continually exist within this bubble, then die and the next generation born continues the unbroken Color Caste System cycle. However, at various times in history up to this day, whereby darker skinned people have been perpetually regarded as being the lowest most debase form of humans, (or subhuman) on the planet, therefore, it would be absolutely spiritual death to ignore this extremely vital setup and acceptance of a human classification system on the ambiguous basis of Colorism whereby White would be the ultimate supreme head. Moreover, without an adequate government resolution to deal with the conflict that Colorism has caused, then the spin offs of this warped ideology has led to even more crimes against humanity.


[POINT: 4] For example, the government could haphazardly acknowledge or recognize crimes against Black people through the support of some type of program that they do not constantly regulate? Simultaneously this could create a dangerous reality. For example, if the government financially supported the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement or Black churches through employment, then victims of Black-on-Black crimes could be ignored. The question should be asked, “Even though government supported racism victimizes all Black African-typed descendants of slaves in general but, does that mean all Blacks who commit crimes against Black humanity be exempt from governmental correction? This government fostered Black self-hatred and then strategically designed certain systems to set up that ignore innocent Black victims that have succumbed to violent hate crimes by way of other Blacks. This deceptive setup would only be a continual process that correlates to chattel slavery and in essence has been designed to constantly reward bad behavior of Black Self-Hatred and subsequently supports White domination. Would this be an ultimate flaw in the belief that the very perpetrators of the setup of a Color Caste system can be trusted to correct the problem that they created!? This would be the essence of the implementation of one of the most destructive Western World movements against Black humanity; the LAISSEZ-FAIRE POLICY which began during Colonial times and continues today whereby, within a controlled environment such as during chattel slavery times, in a court system or in todays’ prison systems, some public school systems, etc., Black people have become completely victimized, terrorized, humiliated and deprived of human rights, by way of other Blacks while the government stands back and laughs and does absolutely nothing to rescue the victim. Was this American government set up to protect the human rights of African Americans and their children? There needs to be accountability from all types of humanity for human degradation. So, unless we go back and get a better understanding of how the early civilizations allowed Colorism to be setup, then racism and human oppression will continue to occur.


[POINT: 5] Now, based on the Bible, the head of the government of the Creator would be the priesthood therefore, all modern human history in some way goes back and connects to this beginning, however, the Bible also reveals that, due to an unnatural act byway of the priesthood in the beginning, a mishap occurred.





So, in one aspect, all modern humans directly and reproductively stem from the presence of one anatomically straight African malefactor of the basal-a haplogroup and from a clone, the womb-man [i.e., woman] however, in another aspect, all humans today are also genetically defined by other distinct genetic markers and/or phenotypical traits to reveal another earlier hominid presence. In other words, today there are scientific and genetic markers that reveal at the very origin of the manifestation of modern mankind, sexual reproduction occurred between two distinct species. Two major processes of confirmation of this occurrence called, THE BOTTLENECK EFFECT, and THE FOUNDER EFFECT, proves that the earlier hominids that did intermix with modern mankind existed in a mutated form of an earlier hominid-type of beings that had long been extinct before the presence of modern mankind. Also, based on other genetic proofs and Biblical scriptures, the priesthood was blessed to cover the head of all womankind phenotypically-wise so as a result, the earliest civilizations that set up was not at all based on White Supremacy and Colorism. Therefore, based on scriptures, then it would be unnatural for a Black man to reject a woman to be his wife due to being White and vice versa.








Egyptian woman cleopatra headdress





Elizabeth Taylor [RIP]










[POINT: 6] Likewise, it would be unnatural for a White man of the priesthood to reject a woman to be his wife due to being Black, nevertheless, in ancient times and due to an obsession with the issue of Colorism, genderism, idolatry, sex selection based on Colorism, and a hidden agenda that promoted the setup of White Supremacy within the priesthood, therefore, humanity became a chaos. The scriptures reveal that this hidden agenda directly correlates to the act that occurred and was defined as ‘the Original Sin’ however, the scientific aspect of this event has never been taught in the Black Church and this omission becomes a vital aspect in how the system of White Supremacy has been able to be setup within the Black African world. For this reason, too, genderism also constantly works to promote division between the Black man and the Black woman, a tool used by a strange hominid that was part of the Original Sin, to successfully set up a system of White Supremacy. Even though scriptures reveal that the complete definition of the priesthood includes both the head (the malefactor), and the flower (the woman), and that the act that led to the Original Sin became a shared responsibility, however over the course of thousands of years, there has been an intense spirit of supremacy and hostility that continually brings gender division within the Black African world. Even though the scriptures state that it was the woman that initially ‘became naked with a strange hominid’ [had a sexual union with Satan], however in the Book of JOB the prophet reveals that Adam had iniquity in his bosom and was not innocent at all in the decision that led to the eventual sexual act. However, the woman rendered her own helpless predicament and was not able to be rescued by the man due to her own evil ploy. Adam took from Eve’s hand the forbidden fruit, became stoned out of his head, and could do nothing to redeem. Scriptures reveal that as a result of the event, a seed was fertilized, and the woman gave birth to ‘the seed of the serpent’ before she gave birth to Cain and Abel. And this ‘seed’ eventually became the wife (the older half-sister wife) of Cain, the firstborn son of Adam and Eve:



[20] And if a man shall lie with his uncle's wife,

he hath uncovered his uncle's nakedness: they

shall bear their sin; they shall die childless.



[POINT: 7] Interestingly, certain terms written in the Book of GENESIS are scientific terms, biological and reproductive terms that specifically reveal that there was a sexual experience that did occur between the woman (Eve) and an intersexed male who disguised himself in attire and feathers that came from some type of exotic bird now extinct. In the past, the ancient scriptures had been sealed with strategic terminology that many did not understand but today, the genetic aspect of certain terms have been revealed. The word ‘Naked’ within context has been completely defined in the Book of LEVITICUS to mean ‘to have sex’ and thus gives a complete confirmation to the encounter that led to the Original Sin. Furthermore, the spin-off of this awful occurrence in how the woman was drugged from a fruit of a forbidden tree and then deceived and succumbed into becoming raped by a hominid plagued with some type of skin cancer he chose to coverup, led to thousands of years of many ancient African cultures, Native American cultures of men and etc., dressing up as ‘the feathered serpent’ to perform in some type of sex appealing ritualistic dance procession. These ritualistic dances correlate to the original act of which further hid the truth as to the true purpose as to why that particular hominid chose to disguise himself. He approached the woman with a hidden agenda as a result of a great conflict that occurred on this earth long before the African man and woman were created. Nevertheless, these scientific terminologies in the Bible have been completely misunderstood or ignored by the Church! Why? This early hominid covered himself up and continually made an appeal to the woman until he was able to convince her that the argument he raised was justified. So, Satan entered into the woman, and she began to harbor the same perverse spirit that was founded in him. She adopted an inferiority—Superiority complex based on genderism, however later, this came to include the issue of Colorism.














[POINT: 8] In the Book of REVELATION, the prophet defines this hominid as being ‘TWO-THIRDS of a man’, [2/3rd, the fraction expression of the number 666; 3 ÷2 = 0.6666] because, he was INTERSEXED. And so, prior to the presence of modern mankind, some of the earlier hominids that became contemporary to modern humans had certain degrees of androgen to become genetically defined as being males, however, they could not produce any viable anatomically straight male YDNA haplogroups at all.



[16] And the LORD God commanded the man, saying, Of every

tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat: [17] But of the tree of

the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the

day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die. GENESIS 2:16-17.


[4] And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die:

[5] For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your

eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.

GENESIS 3:4-5.



All chromosomes in all humans have some form of defect and likewise, an intersexed birth would be a defect not associated with the creation of anatomically straight males. This would be one of several genetic factors that reveals the presence of another species that did intermix with modern mankind. However, the Bible hints at a time in antiquity and also an expression that may possibly occur in the near future of the unique expression of asexual reproduction. So, it would be important to note the distinction in that in asexual reproduction the offspring would not be both male and female, but either one or the other. However, an intersexed individual does not have the ability to produce a distinct malefactor apart from modern mankind haplogroups. As a result, gender distinctions of modern humans are unique today, but it becomes a mystery still as to how the earlier hominids were naturally expressed as male and female before some type of mutation occurred. Furthermore, due to THE BOTTLENECK AFFECT, it becomes evident that male hominids such as the Denisovans existed and did reproduce other males that were not intersexed before they became extinct. And so, without an understanding of the genetic presence of asexual reproduction that modern humans may potentially possess, therefore, the idea of a virgin birth will continue to escape many. Consequentially, because the Biblical feathered serpent could not produce an anatomically straight malefactor, then the Bible reveals why he stalked the new creation and reveals his hidden agenda. So then, now we know the good aspect of life, humanity and our eyes are open to see the universe, but it would be the evil that becomes a vexation, and iniquities, and passed on from generation to generation. Therefore, the genetic revelation in the Bible also reveals the vexation of the serpent and his pride, hatred, and envy against the Creator for the creation of modern mankind. Cont. POINT 9-15.



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