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My reply to the biggest mistake even expert writers make

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By the end of the fifth paragraph I thought to myself what the ceo of paramount said about getting rid of simon and schuster. Paramount/viacom/cbs/the redstone empire is a video company. 
I never forgot years ago I read Ivanhoe from walter scott and I recall years after someone saying, that book is too slow at times. 
I see a connection between video as the modern communication format and the impetus from crude criminals. 

In the third paragraph Thanos of the marvel movies is mentioned and he encapsulates my reasoning to using the term crude criminals over antagonist. 
A crude criminal is an antagonist, as some one who injures another rawly. But the crude criminal tends to have an absolutism in their pursuit based on their crudeness. 
And video includes video games. Again, video games have a narrative form. In many of the most popular video games, the constancy of criminality is their, usually crude. How many alien or ghost creature games is just a constant run or battle through said criminals, whose intentions are crude.

When you combine the fact that video is the storyteller most are raised with today, over books/music/or storytelling itself. It explains how the modern audience is reared to accept as natural the constancy of potential crime.
Freddie Kruger/Jason/ Michael Myers/ Jeepers creepers/ even in animation with the never ending enemies of goku of dragonball z/ the megalomanic bond villians. Media has preached the constancy of troubles as a standard.
And when it comes to being a commercially potent writer, not an artistically potent writer, the audience's nature matters.

I concur to Brosky, a writer can show some artistic craft by not creating the all encompasing enemy to run from: thanos or one of my personal favorites: Fender Tremolo <I wonder how many internet searches did I just engender?>
But by creating a gantlope that allows for various opposers. Though the question remains, why doesn't the audience respond to people having a conversation with tea after finding a safe haven? And the answer is the audience has been reared through video to enjoy constancy of crude criminality. 
The river has to be treacherous, it can't simply be a calm river. The viewership has been taught to like not being given a breather. From the video games they play to the binge watching videos they do, to the films that have built modern perception. 
So commercially, a writer must cater, but artistically... it has problems.



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