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i was born beside a volcano

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I hope to work with people or possibly someone else can write this

which is a book explaining how life started beside volcanoes 

first there was space debris which accumulated

then a spark made the core heat up

then the stones melted and formed salt 

then water formed

then people formed because of the salt water which was dark skin people

and the more away from the volcano they were the lighter their skin but they still had brown skin

all the food was contaminated and no one could drink the water because it was all salt water and everything lived

on berries and nuts and corn which grew from the dew made from the water

and then after millions of year the dew went to the upper atmosphere and formed ice

which is where lighter skin people came from and the ice held more oxygen which let the learn better

but also caused mental health issue which made them think they are more important then other people 

and the reason dark skin people didnt learn as well is the air was made from volcanoes burning stones with

lead and arsenic to split saltwater to make oxygen 

the reason this book is important is where i live there is and has always been this group claiming white people came

from god and have the right to do anything they want because of this which is obviously wrong 

and if we let people keep saying this when we know its not true is when we are supporting injustice to us 

and the people who keep saying this

i believe in god and i believe it is important we tell the truth as much as it is that there are commandants

i believe the meaning of the commandants is we must tell the truth   

and i know for a fact without a question in my heart that life was made because of volcanoes and the sun is a super volcano which

is burning stones to make gravity and when i let people tell lies is when i am lyiny with them and i dont support letting other being lied to 

if its in my power to change this

I am not good at writing 

maybe we can write this as a team 

or someone else can write this

i know its needed

you wouldnt believe how many people are saying non sense about a color of skin is a sign of a higher power 

when all it means is what region people came from 


 i hope someone likes what i share 

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As a writer you don't have to be good at writing grammatically.

aalbc.com has services which can assist you with that when you are ready to make that next step happen.

After reading your post.

It is only right to inform you. That you, yourself, personally, must develop the book, before handing it off for someone else to research and then write as addendum or even as support.

Have more confidence in what you know, and make the effort to know that what you are sharing is accurate.

This is, after-all, your intellectual property.

Which, in a nutshell, means that you are the most qualified person to develop this process.

Were I, or anyone else to takeover as the writer, the book would immediately end being whatever it is you wanted  it to be.

Books are works of art. As unique as the writer. With styles and class that cannot be duplicated, recreated, or copied very well by another.

All styles of writing do not go together.

Develop your work through diligent consistency.

Read books about evolution and creation. Chemistry and biology.

You don't need to read the entire books. Begin by reading in chemistry how that applies to your description of events.

Begin in biology by matching the sequence of life development to your description.

be careful not to cherrypick and omit. That will only reveal that you are a liar. You have clearly stated you are not a liar, so be careful in that area.

Lastly, Don't look for a quick fix. When you meet information that doesn't jive with what you would like to present. Then it is TIME to begin experiments. Don't deny what your own senses are taking in. You are going to find that most writing is concluded from research and experiments.

Don't be afraid to admit defeat, or that you are wrong. EQUALLY. Don't be afraid to gloat when you are right. One or two I told you so, is okay too.

I myself am new on this site. Not even one month in.

I cannot wait for you to publish your work.

Stick around.

If you came here specifically to ask for help and you get no takers its all good. Now you know why. Its in this comment.

You've got nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain.

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