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New Book Cover Forum Game - The Wishing Pool by Tananarive Due

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Tananarive Due has a new short story collection coming out, called The Wishing Pool, in the text prompt section and below in the comments section I will use the graphical results of a computer program to on text input to make a new cover, i offer all of you interested in artistic fun to join me.


Details below





The following is the return for the text prompt 


the images are below, your thoughts , ideas to change any image, which images you want to get rid of ? 

let's have fun


The first looks awful, like a children's book, funny program



The second has possibilities. It has a landscape the coloring creates a hazy effect suggesting magic ala wishing, we can work from that



the third is a straight pool from a house, I know tananarive wasn't suggesting a nordic european home so that clearly will need work but it is something



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