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June Dade was born and grew up in Northern Virginia. She spent a lot of time in those years writing in her journal, which developed into a true passion and a realized dream as she just published her debut novel, Layers of Peace. June moved to Washington, D.C., at the age of nineteen accepting a full-time Technology Teaching position at a Washington, D.C., based Technology School, with her natural ability in this field and an overload of Technology courses she’s had continued success in the Technology industry. June’s currently a certified computer analyst in the Washington, D.C., area and still, teaches technology courses to administrators with her company. June isn’t all work and no play. The newly published author enjoys life - whether it’s traveling, reading, watching movies or hanging out with friends.

Words from the writer: "I’ve worked in the Technology industry all my life and I enjoy it — this industry has been good to me and I’m grateful but writing is my passion. I’ve developed technology manuals and had many writing projects in this industry but nothing compares to the challenges and creativity of writing a novel to me. At thirty-five years old, out of my professional accomplishments, I’m most proud of writing, Layers of Peace.

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