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At the young age of ten, Kirby Roy III was introduced to poetry, but his exposure to literature just didn’t begin or end there. “There were always books around my house, so whenever I would get bored, I would read,” says the scribe.

In 1989, he left Hampton University before completing his degree in order to become a writer. However, it was not until graduating from Clark Atlanta University that he was able to actively pursue his passion. While maintaining a full time job as an analyst at a major financial institution, he started jotting down a few ideas for several books that he wanted to write.

While maintaining his full time position as a financial analyst, Kirby eventually managed to finish his first book. “After I had Love Letters edited, I started taking notes on the second book. I wasn’t sure how I was going to get the first one published, but I knew that I didn’t want to stop writing.”

As it turned out, his patience paid off. Kirby’s first work was published and received rave reviews. Heart And Soul Magazine said that, “Kirby Roy III adds another voice to the growing club of male novelist making a mark…” Since then he has continued writing, including penning three screen plays. He also served as story editor, producer, and line producer for the award winning film Big Ain’t Bad. His next novel is set to be released, after which, he intends to continue writing and working in film.

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