Sydney McGee

“McGee is the youngest bestselling author in History!”

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Sydney McGee is a 4-Time Bestselling Author

Sydney McGee (a.k.a. Sydney Sunshine) is a nine-year-old (in 2017), super silly, and fun girl from Houston, Texas, Sydney is known for her wild, make-believe characters and one-of-a-kind storytelling, her love for bringing stories to life is what led her to become a published author.

Where did she get her name? Sydney was penned with the name “Sydney Sunshine” at age five. Her teachers felt that her bubbly and lively personality deserved a name that reflected how she begins each school day with hugs and happiness. Sydney has a way of making others smile. Known for being respectful, polite, and joyful, Sydney is everyone’s friend. From this, the name Sydney Sunshine was born and has followed her throughout elementary school. An honor roll student, Sydney is also a member of student council.

Sydney loves theater and has performed in various dramatizations and plays. When she is not writing or acting, she is spending time with her friends, family, and her dog, Nadya.

In the Sydney Sunshine book series, Sydney spreads positive messages about morals, values, and personal character development. Her stories teach elementary-age children to be kind, respectful, accepting and loving to self and others. Sydney’s signature message to children is to LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE! (Photo Credit: Angela Reid)

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