7 Publications from Lit Noire Publishing an Imprint of Lit Noire Publishing

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Lit Noire Publishing, a creative arts and publishing organization, was founded in 2002 by poet, author, performance artist, cultural organizer and educator, DuEwa M Frazier. Frazier founded the organization, after several years of brainstorming about creative business ideas.  In April 2002, Shedding Light From My Journeys,  Frazier's first volume of poetry, was published by Lit Noire Publishing.  After the publishing of the first book in 2002, Frazier's independent production of poetry and music events under Lit Noire Publishing followed, such as:  Word Canvas Open Mic Poetry, Sisters of Creativity for Positive Hip Hop, and From Griot to Rapper.  All of the events have been produced with the creative arts side of Lit Noire Publishing in mind.  Word Canvas Open Mic Poetry has featured well known and independent poets, singers and musicians from the tri-state area and beyond.  Since 2002, Frazier has given publishing consultation to numerous writers and Lit Noire Publishing published two other titles:  Stardust Tracks on a Road by DuEwa M. Frazier and Check the Rhyme:  An Anthology of Female Poets & Emcees Edited by DuEwa M Frazier.  All of Lit Noire Publishing titles thus far, have received favorable reviews for uplifting content which speaks to youth, adults, writers, readers and poetry lovers alike. 

As a former Book Publicist for the New York based Ruder Finn PR Firm and former Editorial Assistant at the Black owned bookstore/publishing company U.B. & U.S. Books and Communications in Virginia, Frazier has shown her passion and commitment to writing and promoting quality, educational and inspirational literature.  She has been greatly inspired by lives and publishing careers of Black publishers such as Dr. Haki Madhubuti (Third World Press), Dr. Jawanzaa Kunjufu (African American Images), Naomi Long Madgett (Lotus Press) and Paul Coates (Black Classic Press).  Lit Noire Publishing will publish more works of poetry and literary fiction and non-fiction works in the future.