Let AALBC.com Maintain Your Official Web Presence

Instead of telling readers to search for you on Facebook or Amazon, direct them to go to your website (yourname.com). Don’t have a domain name? Register your domain name with Domains for Authors (an AALBC property).


Why Should I forward my Domain to AALBC.com?

  • It’s free! (provided you are one of the more than 5,000 authors already profiled on the website). If you are not profiled on AALBC.com simply purchase an Author Profile—you get all the features of a full blown website, at a much lower price.
  • We provide all the features and functionality of an actual website.
  • It’s a great way to quickly establish your online presence, especially if you’re not ready, or don’t want to build and manage your own website.
  • An AALBC.com Profile Page is the next best thing to a standalone website. It provides all the information readers expect including; your biography, photographs, videos, links, social media feeds, social sharing buttons. Each your books will have its own page which includes buy buttons, a synopsis, embedded video, links to awards, an excerpt, and more.
  • We do all the work. AALBC.com has a 20 year track record of maintaining author information on the web.
  • We are optimized for search. AALBC.com’s web pages are quickly indexed and our relatively high page rank improves the likelihood your content will be easily discovered in search.
  • It’s better than using a Facebook or Amazon page as your main web presence. Facebook and Amazon simply won’t provide our level of service. Unlike Amazon, we will link to other websites; and unlike Facebook you can include rich text, images, and video on your pages. We are not suggesting that one should abandon those platform; we are saying they should not be one’s primary web presence.
  • You will effectively have a full-featured website for a fraction of the cost and without worrying about a disappearing webmaster. 
  • You'll be in good hands. Troy Johnson, AALBC.com’s webmaster, is a GoDaddy Pro with 25 years of web development experience, and he has taught web design at the college level — you’ll be in good hands.

Can you give me a couple of examples of authors who already do this?

  • Christoper D. Burns (ChrisDBurns.com) offical website is described in the video above. The critically acclaimed author, Dr. Elizabeth Nunez (ElizabethNunez.com) has used AALBC.com as her primary web presence for years, and of course, AALBC.com’s founder takes advantage of this service: TroyDJohnson.com.
  • This service was officially launched in April of 2017, so we hope an increasing number of authors will come to embrace AALBC.com as their home.

Can I use my domain name for email?

  • Yes, Having an email address that uses your domain name author@yourname.com is more professional and also reinforces your brand.

When my website is ready, can I easily redirect my domain to another web host?

  • Of course. We will do all the work on AALBC, but you retain ownership and complete control of your domain name.
  • Even if you point your domain name to another website, you will never lose your AALBC.com Author Profile. Your profile will last as long as the life of AALBC.com.

Elizabeth Nunez HomepageElizabeth Nunez’s Homepage – http://ElizabethNunez.com

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