Book Cover Image of If There Be Pain by Gloria Mallette

If There Be Pain
by Gloria Mallette

    Publication Date: Dec 01, 2006
    List Price: $15.00
    Format: Paperback, 310 pages
    Classification: Fiction
    ISBN13: 9780758211590
    Imprint: Dafina
    Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.
    Parent Company: Kensington Publishing Corp.

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    Paperback Description:

    From acclaimed author Gloria Mallette comes a story of a man living his wildest dreams and confronting his worst nightmares. Kyle Lawson has everything—a beautiful house in Brooklyn, a successful business, and more women than most men encounter in a lifetime. Yet marriage is nowhere on his horizon, despite pressure from his mother and several of his girlfriends. But just when Kyle thinks things couldn’t get any better, his life takes a turn for the worse—a whole lot worse. After the death of his Native American grandfather, Kyle begins experiencing terrifying dreams that leave him in both physical and mental pain. As if the dreams—or nightmares—weren’t bad enough, his mother is pressuring him to stop screwing around, his gay sister wants him to impregnate her life partner, and several of his lovers decide he’s the one. Desperate to regain control of his life, Kyle seeks the advice of a tarot reader, who warns him that danger lies in one of his lovers. Kyle thinks severing all ties with his women will end his problems, but he quickly learns life is not that simple, and if he wants to live, he has to get himself together—or die trying.

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