Book Cover Image of A Torchlight for America by Louis Farrakhan

A Torchlight for America
by Louis Farrakhan

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    Publication Date: Jun 01, 1993
    List Price: Unavailable
    Format: Paperback, 171 pages
    Classification: Nonfiction
    ISBN13: 9780963764249
    Imprint: F C N Publishing Co.
    Publisher: F C N Publishing Co.
    Parent Company: Nation of Islam

    Paperback Description:

    This book represents some of the guiding principles taught to us by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. This man and his teachings have been responsible for transforming the lives of millions of black men and women, many of whom this society has rejected as incorrigible, irredeemable, irreformable, irretrievable, hopeless and lost. Yet, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, with the Word of Allah (God), has been able to initiate the process of our salvation, redemption and resurrection, which continues to this day…. This book is humbly submitted as a torchlight for guiding the country out from its present condition toward a more peaceful and productive society in which mutual respect governs the relations between the diverse members of America. —- excerpts from book’s Preface