Book Cover Image of Soul Inspiration For Women Married To Unbelievers by Sheritha Bowman

Soul Inspiration For Women Married To Unbelievers
by Sheritha Bowman

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    Format: Mass Market Paperback, 205 pages
    Classification: Fiction
    ISBN13: 9780966238907
    Imprint: Scribes & Vibes Book Publishing
    Publisher: Scribes & Vibes Book Publishing
    Parent Company: Scribes & Vibes Book Publishing
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     Gina woke hysterically out of her sleep. For the past few nights she had had the most haunted of nightmares. I’ve got to stop eating those turkey burgers so late at night, she thought. She looked over at her husband who was sound asleep. Mouth open, loud snoring and all. He looked as peaceful as a newborn baby sleeping. Gina pulled up close behind her husband, cradled his body with hers and silently thanked God for him. The Lord had done great things with her marriage. For years she had been praying to the Lord that her husband would receive salvation and finally, just a few months ago he gave his life to Christ!!! Hallelujah!!! Gina feels like dancing everytime she plays that day back in her head. God is certainly a good God! As her husband slept, Gina raised up in bed and began to meditate and pray. Gina felt there was something special about midnight prayer. The stillness of the night seems to illuminate more prominently God’s presence. After she finished praying, Gina quietly slipped out of the bed and tiptoed her way through the darkness to the bathroom. She chose to maneuver the darkness as opposed to turning on the lights as she didn’t want to give her eyes midnight shock. Once in the bathroom, Gina placed the back of her legs against the toilet base for a perfect landing. SPLAT !!!!

    SISTER, IF HE LEAVES THE TOILET SEAT UP NOW, HE STILL MAY LEAVE IT UP ONCE HE’S SAVED !!! Sister, believe me, I want you to be encouraged. I really do. However, I do want you to understand that men will be men, will be men, will be men !!! Saved or unsaved. A man will be a man. Even if your husband receives salvation this week, next month or ten years from now, he may still keep that stubby, itchy beard you keep begging him to shave. He still might forget to take out the trash. He still may not remember to send you flowers on Valentine’s Day. He still might forget what time to pick you up from work. He still might forget your birthday. He will still snore. He may still leave his dirty clothes on the floor as opposed to putting them in the hamper. The fried chicken will still be burned on the outside and pink on the inside when he chooses to be sweet and cook dinner for the family. He’s still a man !!! The difference is he’s a saved man, HALLELUJAH !!! And the two of you will see the kingdom of the Lord together !!!   News Bulletin: If your husband doesn’t look like Denzel now, he won’t look like him when he’s saved! I know we serve an awesome God and everything, but come on Sisters.

    For a long time, I thought that when my husband received salvation, he would be this totally perfect person and we would have this totally perfect relationship. Seriously, I did. Whatever he did that got on my nerves, I thought had he been saved, I wouldn’t have to go through this. I thought we would never argue. He would let me have my way….the Lord said, "HOLD UP !!! WAIT A MINUTE !!". I’m going to save your husband, I’m not giving you a computer robot.